Scanning No.1

CACEIS European Regulatory Watch Newsletter

LUXEMBOURG Bearer Shares - Bill 6625 Admission of the concept of floating financial year CSSF 2013 annual report – Asset management key messages SWITZERLAND Banker’s Vow: Compliance Requirements in financial sector in the Netherlands TAX IRS FAQ update IRS publishes Notice 2014-33 European FATCA - like tax regime (CRS) and Savings Directive TAX - BELGIUM TAX - ITALY 1 2014 JUNE No.1

EUROPE ELTIFs Council compromise proposal EMIR - List of central counterparties (CCPs) ESMA informs EU Commission of its intention to ease the frontloading requirement under EMIR ISDA and FIA Europe published European Cleared Derivatives Execution Agreement Additional piece in the implementation of EMIR Fund Processing Standardisation Council adopts MiFID II/MIFIR Commission request for advice to ESMA on delegated acts for MiFID II and MiFIR IOSCO issues response to consultation on shadow banking BELGIUM Changes of Belgian law relating to UCITS New fees and contribution to cover the operating costs of the FSMA

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