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CACEIS, a reliable business partner for today’s ever-changing environment

tional set-up which enhances client service and sup- port functions. Furthermore, CACEIS is now one of the three pillars in our shareholder’s “Premium Client Division”, a single gateway for integrated advisory, financing, investment solutions and asset servicing. Having Crédit Agricole as our shareholder positions us as a financially stable partner for our clients. Our expertise in handling regulatory issues and expe- rience acting as a partner for clients’ business deve- lopment strategies creates a stable platform for continued business growth. In short, with innovative products and services that run on robust IT systems, and competent client-focused staff, CACEIS is com- mitted to reducing uncertainty and fostering a stable environment for your business

Geopolitical, economic and regulatory stability is key to a flourishing investment industry. However, there will always be events that introduce uncertain- ty to the geopolitical and economic environments. Ongoing developments on the regulatory front also cause new uncertainty. Nevertheless, by focusing on factors CACEIS can control, we can create stabi- lity that helps clients attract investors and grow their business. Our project to reform the group’s legal entity struc- ture, where all CACEIS’s European entities become branches of a sole, well-capitalised France-based financial institution, is designed to harmonise and strengthen our service offer in the European market. This ties in with our proven client-centric organisa-


A new position within Crédit Agricole

C rédit Agricole has recently undertaken a comprehen- sive internal restructur- ing project as part of “Strategic Ambition 2020”, a medium-term plan that seeks to improve opera- tional effectiveness in the group by unlocking new synergies among its entities. The four-year plan aims to further strengthen the position of the group to take on the challenges of doing business in an environ- ment that is in a constant state of flux, both on regulatory and fiscal

fronts, while ensuring continued and stable growth.

Crédit Agricole’s restructuring is more than internal housekeeping, and CACEIS’s position within the new Premium Client Division will hold many advantages.

Previously within the same di- vision as Credit Agricole’s as- set management arm, Amundi, CACEIS is now part of the newly created “Premium Client Division” along with Crédit Agricole CIB (the Corporate and Investment Banking arm) and Indosuez Wealth Management (the Private Banking arm). All three entities have been working together to uncover inter-


nal synergies that can enhance cli- ent service while improving over- all efficiencies, increase market share and open additional sources of revenue. Our goal is to give CACEIS’s cli- ents easier access to a broader range of bespoke services such as advisory and financing solutions. Furthermore, we expect to gener- ate further synergies and develop related service offerings by com- bining our expertise in areas as di- verse as CRM data, KYC and AML

information, and risk analysis. Many business areas stand to gain from such a unified collaboration, with teams of experts in 35 coun- tries, backed by a leading finan- cial group. Our Private Equity and Real Estate divisions, which cover the needs of investment funds throughout their lifecycle, have been collaborating on a number of deals with an impressive suc- cess rate, and we look forward to announcing further achievements and successes within the Premium Client Division in the near future

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