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Coming from an international finance, investment banking and private banking background at Credit Agricole, I joined CACEIS as Chief Executive Officer in May, taking over the responsibility from François Marion. I have followed CACEIS’s achievements over the decade or so since it was formed, and saw it moulded into the globally respected brand that today plays an essential role in furthering the business development plans of its clients. During much of the last decade, the regulatory burden did little to help industry players plan their own path towards progress. Though it is unlikely we will have less intensity in the regulatory environment ahead, we nevertheless need to put even greater emphasis on efficiency and innovation, the two aspects which I believe are key to success in our industry. Of course, both CACEIS and our clients alike will face challenges in the future, and together we will need to develop effective products and solutions to overcome them. We all share a common objective - converting innovative ideas into fruitful business projects, so sharing this common goal and improving intimacy with our clients will be paramount. I am determined to ensure CACEIS continues


June 2016

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Industry buzzwords can be overused, but this newsletter covers many of the industry’s hot topics and looks at how CACEIS is embracing technological advances to make concrete progress.

CACEIS expands fund administration services in Germany

cial media. This issue provides an overview of our successful joint study with PwC Luxembourg with updated asset manager ranking information. The publication looks at how social media and related networking sites can be leveraged to provide efficient brand marketing access to a wealth of customers, particularly millennials, as well as the more involved strategy of using social media as a two-way customer communication platform. Open distribution is yet another buzz -word and an area where CACEIS has made significant progress in terms of technological solutions. Having been massively shaken up by MiFID regulations’ anti-inducement rules, fund distribution is ripe for change. CACEIS has developed an innovative service for asset manage- ment clients to develop sales to their retail clients directly via the internet. The WebRegistr@r module can be plugged into a client’s website ena- bling private investors to subscribe into funds, make additional payments and manage their account while

CACEIS handles all KYC duties and back office system interfaces.

Yet another buzzword is Big Data, and our development teams on CACEIS’s OLIS website have been finalising the data analytics module which allows asset managers to make full use of the vast volumes of client data CACEIS generates and stores. Our powerful calculation engines use data spanning the last 5 years up to real time, to generate summary ta- bles and graphics to uncover trends, indicators and investor behaviour pat- terns, which facilitate sales and mar- keting analysis and can help improve the outcome future sales campaigns. Finally, in this issue of CACEIS News, we look into Blockchain, the distributed, tamper-resistant database technology which is behind Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. We look at the technology itself as well as the practical applications for the finan- cial industry. As for all matters of technological progress, it pays to be informed

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WebRegistr@r: online UCITS orders for private investors

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Investor behaviour analysis - a marketing tool for investment management companies


T he pace of technological evo- lution is so rapid that what was yesterday’s niche internet site for the interconnected early adop- ter is today’s key marketing tool for the financial services provider. This is social media’s current place in the modern marketing strategy, not sim- ply an idea of what could be. Industry innovation is at the heart of what we do at CACEIS, so it makes perfect sense for us to study the current use, as well as the future potential of so-

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its successful strategy of geographical growth and innovative service development. I know I can count on the staff of

Blockchain technology and CACEIS's service offering

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CACEIS to support me in the realisation of these goals, and all CACEIS’s clients can count on me to ensure we deliver the innovative products and quality service that meets their expectations

The UCITS V Directive: new responsibilities for depositaries

CACEIS’s new Corporate Brochure is online

CACEIS Stand 44-45

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