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FRANÇOIS MARION, CEO, CACEIS CACEIS provides high quality support for our client’s day-to- day business needs. However, we believe we also have a responsibility to leverage our market knowledge and resources to help clients understand and prepare for the future environment in which they will do business. We are therefore continuing our series of industry research papers, working with PwC Luxembourg, and publishing new research on where the asset management industry is headed. Our research is based on extrapolation of demonstrable trends identified in the industry as well as clear shifts in related sectors, such as banking and insurance, which will have a noticeable impact on the asset management industry. In addition, regulatory issues, macro-economic trends and evolving social demographic factors are also taken into consideration so as to obtain a detailed picture of the forces shaping the industry. Our joint research paper, entitled “Asset Management moves into the spotlight” takes a three-part look at development prospects for the asset management industry in relation to filling the financing gap in the global economy, taking on a greater role in the pensions industry, and leveraging the benefits of doing business in the digital era. At each stage, the report provides practical recommendations for taking advantage of the opportunities identified. The report will be distributed, and presented in plenary, at this year’s Fund Forum International in Monaco. The positive conclusions the report draws provide a strong indication that the asset management industry has growing role to play in the financial sector, and as CACEIS’s business is so closely linked to the fortunes of our asset management clients, it is an encouraging sign for the asset servicing industry as well  

The opportunities open up for the Asset Management industry

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Uncovering the factors set to increase Asset Management’s weight in the

financial sector.

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Interview with Steven Libby, PwC Luxembourg, Asset

this report provides will help asset management clients define a strate- gy that is both effective and realistic in its ambitions. As asset management begins the process of disintermediating banks, its primary role in the industry is to raise and deploy capital where it is required. On the one side, it provides investors with vehicles for CACEIS’s new publication “Asset Management moves into the spotlight” , produced in conjunction with PwC Luxembourg, looks at the factors that will drive the sector’s growth and see it take a more prominent position in the financial world

Management Leader.

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T he decision to focus our re- search paper on asset man- agement’s future develop- ment prospects was driven as much by the need to better understand the opportunities opening up for asset management firms, as by the need to be aware of the pitfalls and issues that may hamper future develop- ment of the industry. We believe that the insight and recommendations

CACEIS supports its clients’ development in the growing Belgian market.

investment and diversification. On the other side, it helps the economy (SMEs and large-scale infrastruc- ture projects, for example) to secure funding. Opportunities for capital raising and investment abound and the time is right for asset manage- ment to move centre stage and in- crease its role in supporting the global economy. continued on page 2

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Amundi is increasing its international presence.

23-26 June 2014

Turnkey AIFM regulatory reporting compliance services.

CSR award for CACEIS.


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New regulations have a major impact on distribution strategies.

CACEIS is lead sponsor of the event and four delegates will be hosting seminars or chairing discussions at the conference (cf. page 7). We look forward to meetingmany of our clients and contacts at our exhibition stand at Fund Forum. Our senior management and business development representatives from our various offices will be on hand to discuss any topics you wish to raise.

The Grimaldi Forum CACEIS Stand 31-33

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